Kyu Grading Successes for the Club

Grading Dec 2015

Bath SKC hosted the final Kyu grading for 2015 in the Bath-Bristol area, presided over by Sensei Bob Poynton, 8th Dan. The afternoon started with a training session for all, and about 70 karateka trained ranging from novices to 5th Dan. Following the training, about 40 students from local clubs took their grading examined by Sensei Poynton.

The students from the Bath club performed very well and the club’s grading results are given below:

Sam Daly – 8th Kyu
Adam Mutlow – 8TH Ku
Nancy Richardson – 8th Kyu
Leeza  Matteius – 5th Kyu
Paul Gamble – 5TH Kyu
Joshua Sanson – 4th Kyu
Adam Winchester – 3rd Kyu
Theo Isaac – 2nd Kyu
Alvaro Gonzalez – 2nd Kyu
Edvardo Gatia – 1st Kyu
Ania Glapiak – 1st Kyu

Congratulations to all of you from the Bath instructors!

Bath SKC

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