Month: February 2013

Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting: The Rise of Martial Arts in Britain, Sunday 24 Feb

The BBC is airing a documentary “Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting: The Rise of Martial Arts in Britain” in their Timeshift series . The programme takes a look at karate in general and features our senior instructors Ron Hicks and Kieran Shore demonstrating various aspects of our style. The programme will be broadcast on Sunday 24th February, on BBC Four at 10 pm. Don’t miss it!


Selected for the Central Region Squad


Yesterday, senior members of the Bath club took part in this year’s first Central Region training session and kata squad selection with Sensei Frank Brennan. For the uninitiated, these courses are organised by the KUGB Central Region and feature two training sessions. In the first session, open to all grades, Sensei Brennan focused on some basic combinations featuring stepping punches, and a variety of blocks and punches. The focus was on correct form and technique coupled with fast leg movement and kime. Partner work featured blocking and countering jodan punches using kicks (mawashi geri) and elbow strikes (empi uchi). This session’s kata was Heian Shodan. After a short lunch break the Kata Squad selection began. The kata squad is open to brown belts and above (up to 6th Dan) and the selection was based on Sensei’s choice of Heian katas. I am pleased to report that following selection, the members of the club in the photo above (Julian, Rob, Kieran, Dave, Ron and Mark) were successfully chosen to train on the squad for 2013. The squad training yesterday featured three kata – Heian Godan, Jion and Nijushiho. Each kata was minutely dissected by Sensei Brennan with a focus on form, movement, tempo and spirit, in order to improve everyone’s development. A photo of the whole squad can be found here.

New Club Jacket

over gi














The new club over gi top for club members is here! This is a warm-up top that is ideal to wear to and from the Dojo, gradings and competitions. This high quality garment is available in Bath colours with the club logo embroidered on the front and club lettering stenciled on the back.

This top has an outer construction of a soft touch polyester material with breathable and lightweight qualities, and a 65% polyester, 35% cotton lining for extra warmth and comfort. At no extra cost there is a full length zip with chin guard, two zipped pockets, elasticated waistband and adjustable velcro cuffs to ensure an excellent fit.

For a limited time, the club is subsidising the cost of these jackets – Youth sizes are £20.00 (reduced from £27.75), Adult sizes are £25.00 (from £31.00).

The jackets are available in the following sizes:

Youth – XSY = 24/26”  SY = 26/28”  MY = 28/30”  LY = 30/32”

Adult – S = 34/36”  M = 38/40” L = 42/44”  XL = 46/48” XXL = 50/52”

We will be ordering a batch of these jackets in the next couple of weeks. Please see Sensei Kieran Shore if you wish to order one.