Month: January 2013

Central Region All Grades Training and Kata Squad

The dates for the KUGB’s Central Region Kata squad courses have now been posted on our Events page. For the uninitiated, these sessions are designed to help you progress with your karate under the expert instruction of Sensei Frank Brennan, 7th Dan. The first of the two training sessions is open to all grades and covers all aspects of karate, the second session for Kata Squad members only, focuses on developing kata. The squad is open to 3rd Kyu and above and those over the age of 16 years old. Selection takes place on Feb 9th and being accepted onto the squad carries the commitment of being able to attend every squad session for the year. There is no such commitment for the all grades session. If anyone is thinking of taking a Dan grading this year, there is no better preparation than attending the all grades sessions, and even putting yourself forward for the squad. For further details talk to one of the instructors.

Training Times

We have slightly adjusted our training times on Thursdays. We will now start at 7.45 pm and finish at 9.15 (the same as our Monday session.) The main reason for this is to allow members to take advantage of the car parking charges at the sports centre and only having to pay for 30 mins.

Grading Dates for 2013

As we update the website we will create a events page that contains all the dates relevant for club members. As an appetite whetter, here are the dates that have been confirmed for the Kyu gradings for 2013 – 24 March, 30 June and 10 November. The grading examiner will be Sensei Bob Poynton, 7th Dan. Further details will be posted on the Events page in due course.

For the dates of Dan gradings and other national courses keep an eye on the KUGB Events page