Bill Winfield Memorial Competition

Compeditors and Instructors

On the same day as the Kyu grading, the annual Bill Winfield Memorial Children’s competion was held.  17 children from the local clubs competed; the results were:

Kumite 7th Kyu and below
1st – Alfie Teague – Backwell Karate
2nd – Adam House – Backwell Karate

Kata 7th Kyu and below
1st – Alistair Hanlon – Backwell Karate
2nd – Quaid Bennett – Backwell Karate

Kumite 6th Kyu and above
1st – Theo Isaac – Bath SKC
2nd – Brandon Cole – Backwell Karate

Kata 6th Kyu and above
1st – Archie Newbury – Backwell Karate
2nd – Josh Mashford – Backwell Karate

Competitor of the day 
Alfie Teague –  Backwell Karate

Bill,s Day winners 2015

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