Latest grading successes and results from the Bill Winfield memorial competition

November Grading 2014

Sensei Bob Poynton came to the Bath/Bristol area on November the 9th to instruct at an all grades course and to take a kyu grading.  Over 60 karateka from the local clubs came to train. Sensei took us through a number of basics using forward and backwards combinations – as usual this exercised our minds as well as our bodies! This theme continued through training Kihon Kata using different blocks instead of the usual ones. All in all a very enjoyable session.

Over 40 people attempted their next kyu gradings. From the Bath club we are pleased to announce the following successful passes:

Jack Frith 9th Kyu

Berwyn Varney 7th Kyu

Josh Sanson 7th Kyu

Alvaro Gonzalez 4th Kyu

Jozefa Glapiak 1st Kyu

Malgorzata Glapiak 1st Kyu

Congratulations to all of you from the club instructors.

Bill’s Day Competition

Bill's Day Childrens Comp

As is normal at this time of the year, the annual Bill Winfield Memorial Competition was held after the grading. This is a competition primarily for our younger competitors. As usual the standard of competition was high, and this year’s winners were

6th Kyu and above winner of Kata and Kumite – Sam Henley

7TH Kyu and Below winner of Kata and Kumite – Holly Wiltshire

Bill’s day competitor of 2014 – Holly Wiltshire of Mushin

A special mention goes to Theo Issac from the Bath club who was the runner up in the 6th Kyu and above kata competition.

Special thanks to the Nailsea and Backwell clubs for sponsoring the senior events.

Theo Isaac

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