Autumn Update


So, it looks like the summer is over as the nights draw in and the weather turns a bit chilly. There may not have been much activity on the website for a little while, but there has been plenty going on with Bath Shotokan Karate Club over the last few months. We have been visited by a senior instructor, held our own seminar and there have been grading successes!

In June, thanks to the KUGB’s Southern Region, Sensei Billy Higgins, 8th Dan, visited the south-west to hold a two hour training session at the University of the West of England’s new sports hall. About 30 karateka attended and experienced one of Sensei Higgins’s unique pairwork sessions, coupled with kata bunkai from Heian Nidan and Sandan.

Billy H at S,R,

Bath Karate club held another of its club seminars. These are special training sessions held at the weekend at the University of Bath’s dojo, and allow for sessions to be run around a theme, which we don’t have time for in the normal club sessions. In July, Senseis Kieran Shore and Rob Davis ran another course. The focus of this course was around kata bunkai, with a focus on sweeps and take downs within katas.


 The club hosted Sensei Bob Poynton, 8th Dan in July for an all grades training course followed by a Kyu grading. Congratulations to all those from the club who passed. Finally, it is always a special occasion when a club member passes their 1st Dan black belt. We are very pleased to announce that on July 19th, Kelvin was awarded his 1st Dan by Sensei Andy Sherry, 9th Dan at a grading in Egham. Kelvin started training in the club as a novice and his hard work and dedication has paid off in this fantastic achievement – congratulations from all of the instructors.
Club training is on Mondays and Thursdays as normal, full details are on the ‘Our Training‘ page. Please also note a date for your diary, the club Xmas meal is booked for Friday 12th December in Bath. See Rob at training for full details.

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