Kumite seminar is a great hit!


A kumite seminar for all club members was held yesterday at the University of Bath dojo. Approximately 20 members took part in an exclusive session focusing on aspects of kumite. The training was led by Sensei Kieran Shore and Sensei Rob Davis who had put together a well-structured two hour session. Sensei Davis covered a number of aspects including attacking with appropriate intent and ferocity, proper use of distance in blocking and countering, and how to use feinting movements to get an advantage. The matted dojo allowed Sensei Shore to focus on the use of throws, foot sweeps and takedowns to extend blocking and countering during kumite.

Although this was a two hour session on a hot and sunny afternoon the time seemed to fly by. The format and location of the training left the participants buzzing, and feeling this was time very well spent. Everyone thoroughly appreciated and enjoyed this opportunity, and the general consensus was that this type of training had allowed everyone to study and practice techniques in depth, in a manner that we cannot do during normal training. The club intends to run more occasional seminars in the future – watch this space!


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