Latest grading successes

Bath Karate hosted a training session and kyu grading with Sensei Bob Poynton, 8th Dan, yesterday. Karate students and club instructors from Bath as well as other local clubs attended the all grades training. Sensei Poynton focused on kihon for much of the session focusing on fast leg movements and and accurate preparation for blocks and counters. The same blocks and counters were then applied with partners to further emphasise their application. The session ended with all practicing their grading katas and the brown and black belts focusing on Bassai-Dai.

Congratulations are due to the following club members who successfully graded: Phoebe Fraser 7th Kyu; Dave Achejun 6th Kyu; Alvaro Gonzalez 6th Kyu; Georgia Langley 3rd Kyu; Billy Fraser 2nd Kyu. A special commendation is due to Georgia who performed exceedingly well. 

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