Sensei Ron Hicks, 6th Dan!


Bath Karate Club is very proud to announce that our Chief Instructor, Ron Hicks, today was awarded his 6th Dan. Sensei Ron took his grading today, in Bath, examined by Sensei Andy Sherry, 9th Dan, Chief Instructor of the KUGB, along with Senseis Bob Poynton, 8th Dan and Frank Brennan, 8th Dan.

Sensei Hicks has been preparing intensively for his grading today, which comprised several aspects of advanced Shotokan karate: demonstration of fundamental techniques; kata; explanation of kata bunkai; kumite; as well as a written dissertation on the physics of karate techniques.

This success is testament to Sensei Ron’s high standard of karate, which has been developed over many years of total commitment and focus on karate training, fitness and karate instruction.

Many congratulations Sensei!!


(photo – KUGB)





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